Synapse X: Injection Fixes

Synapse X: Injection Fixes

Welcome to Injection Fixes

If you have any Injection Issues look below for all the solutions.

Install :

Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable > x64

Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable > x86

Next download Direct X

when you are done Installing it do the following things:

hit Next and UnCheck “Install Bing Bar

Install D3DCompiler_43.dll ( two times, or you can just duplicate it )

and do the following:


Windows Key + R > SysWoW64 > drag D3DCompiler_43.dll in there

Synapse X v1.0.0 ( Folder ) > Bin > drag D3DCompiler_43.dll in there

Install Java JDK

And when u successfully install it restart your PC/Computer

when you are done restarting just launch Synapse X.exe and make sure your Real-Time Protection is off.

and other Anti-Viruses aswell





BitDefender, etc. Or just contact Bubble#1991 Or BORED#2278